Sveta Kundish and Patrick Farrel, in Yiddish concert!

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This two fantastic artists make us feel like being Aheim!

This concert based on a familiar story bring songs that warm our hearts and stimulates our memory for recalling good feelings, the smell of the food, the Cheder, all the atmosphere.

Indeed a Yiddisher home Should be heard his way.

The heimisher songs Are:

-“Kinder yorn” – Mordechai Gebirtig
– “Handzya” – traditional
– “Eli Eli (A Walk to Caesarea)” – Hannah Szenes / David Zehavi
– “Hinakh yofo rayosi” – Sholem Aleichem / Lev Pulver
– “Tsvey shvester” – traditional
– “Hamavdil” – Yossele Rosenblatt
– part2
– part3
– part4
– “Hobn mir a nigndl” – Nachum Sternheim

Classics of the Yiddisher song books.

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