Chava Alberstein shows the Yiddish scenery today through poetry.

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(through Yiddish Cinemateque)

Israeli singer and songwriter Chava Alberstein set out to interview the last writers of Yiddish poetry, to hear their poems and stories. This documentary film follows her journey and features a superb collection of Yiddish folk songs. The film was shot at the same time as the bulk of Boris Sandler’s documentary, “Fridays at Leyvik House” (it can

be seen here:

While Chava Alberstein’s narrative is mostly focused on the growing decline and impending disappearance of the aged pre-WWII-born Yiddish poets and writers, Boris Sandler’s film shows the still very lively scene of literary Yiddish life in the mid-1990s Tel Aviv. On a few occasions one can even see the few of the postwar-born Yiddish writers who used at the time come to the not yet extinguished Israeli Yiddish Center at the Leyvik House.

More on this film by Chava Alberstein and Nadav Levitan (dir.):; The film can also be watched on YouTube: