Yiddish Glory – A Project made from loving memories and extreme virtuosity!

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There is no way to listen to it and hold the tears! A masterpiece!

Available CD or mp3 at many online stores like Amazon.

As World War II raged through Europe, a group of Soviet Yiddish scholars
embarked on an ambitious goal to preserve Jewish culture of the 1940s.
Soviet ethnomusicologists from the Kiev Cabinet for Jewish Culture, led by
Moisei Beregovsky (1892 – 1961), recorded hundreds of new Yiddish songs:
tunes that detailed Soviet Jewish wartime service in the Red Army, survival and
death in Nazi-occupied Europe and stories from those working in the Soviet
home front in Central Asia, Ural Mountains and Siberia. Beregovsky and his
colleague Ruvim Lerner (1912 – 1972) hoped to publish an anthology of these
songs, but the project was never completed as Beregovsky was arrested in the
height of Stalin’s anti-Jewish purge. The documents were sealed. The scholars
died thinking that their work had been lost and destroyed.

Odessa La Yiddish!

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images, sounds & edit by Vincent Moon
mix by Timur Kodzokov
produced by Vincent Moon & Anna Olekhnovych
with the help of BF “Hesed Chaarey Sion”,
l’Alliance française d’Odessa and Ulya Lozovskaya


Anna ROZEN / Анна РОЗЕН (piano)

(((Музопис))) ODESSA LA YIDDISH from Vincent Moon / Petites Planètes on Vimeo.


Without a Home – Yiddish Cinematheque

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Based on a 1907 play by Jacob Gordin, this 1939 Yiddish film, believed to be the last prewar Yiddish film produced in Poland features such greats as Ida Kaminska, Szhymon Dzigan and Yisroel Szumacher. The dialogues and song lyrics were written by the wonderful Polish Yiddish novelist, dramatist, poet and intellectual Alter Kacyzne who also wrote the script for the 1937 Yiddish film “The Dybbuk”. For a full cast see: https://tinyurl.com/y5g54j5r.