Some tips…

Find here some tips to enjoy YidishMusic much better!

Recording, distributing or relaying YidishMusic’s content in any way, shape, vessel, media or any other fashion, is illegal in most of the covered countries. Regularly,  countries that have specific copyright legislation forbbids those actions. Our system can detect some of those actions and ban you forever.

Every listener is entitled to at least 30 minutes of continuous listening of our live stream. After that period it will be necessary to reconnect. That allows more people to listen to our live streaming. This period could vary from time to time according to the traffic we measure in our servers.

We announce the time every hour. The time we consider is GMT -3h related to Brasil Federal District time zone. To know more, search the net about time zones. From October to February we could have also Daylight Savings Time and then just GMT -2h.

When asking about something you listened, please tell us where in the world you are and at what time was it (no need to convert time zone to ours). Add as much detail as you can (female, male voices, groups, instrumental…), to allow us a short answer time. This is because there is a delay in our broadcasting according to the general internet traffic. This delay can in some cases exceed 10 minutes between the generation time and your listening time.

During the Jewish Festivals you may listen some evocative tunes repeatedly played. That is our way to make you feel that a special time is approaching.

YidishMusic processes are completely automated and does not infringe special Shabbat and Festival laws.  Also we do not encourage you to connect  on Shabbat, Hollydays and Festivals. Please refrain yourself from connecting on this days and think about getting  to a Synagogue near you to listen to some songs, live!

Just for you to know we broadcast female voices.

Wanna be our supporter?

We receive musical material from many world places from artists that consider the possibility of having their work broadcast by YidishMusic. We analyze all material we receive. If the sent music fits our profile, it is immediately included in our live selection. From this point on, the artist then becomes a supporter and if a press release comes together with the musical material, we publish it in our blog pages so people will know better about the artist and his work. In case a press release is not available, we publish our considerations about the work.