About Yidish Music Web Radio


       YidishMusic WebRadio has a very well planned and clear goal: to spread out the Jewish Culture through its music, using the Internet as a diffusion media.


        To achieve this goal, YidishMusic and its crew research hardly to find good music titles, artists, instrumental, liturgic, modern, antique or traditional folk songs in Yidish, Ladino, Hebrew, even Russian and other worldwide languages.


        This is not an easy task as you could figure before beginning, since as we are plenty of titles in modern hebrew for instance, also there is an enourmous difficulty when trying to find Yidish Titles, and those appear normaly in versions recorded in the 60´s. It looks like nowadays, artists are not realy interested in perform or record in Mamma L´shon - Yidish of course.


        But there is some good artists such as Dudu Fischer and Chava Alberstein that cared at least once, presenting us with nice Yidish songs, mostly folk titles. And there's a very well built repertoire done by Fortuna Safdié, brazilian Ladino researcher, composer & singer.


        In any way, our goal is being achieved everyday at YidishMusic WebRadio, built each day with hard work and a big pleasure.


        24 hours a day spreading the Jewish Culture (in capital letters yes sir!) through music


        Take advantage of the work done by YidishMusic by its dedicated crew and amuse yourself, sing along, simply listen, or use it as back ground music while you surf the net around: thats our pleasure!